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Phone:      281-780-4146
Fax:      832-218-5218

You can fax or email us your set of plans for a quote or for service work. Five us a call and we can schedule time to come out!
Reviews / Testimonials

replace my breaker box and install a whole-house circuit breaker

I had Gilmore Electric replace my breaker box and install a whole-house circuit breaker. Larry did an excellent job of communicating with me in the time leading up to the job. On the day of, he worked quickly (important when your electricity is out - don't want the food in the fridge to spoil!) and I felt the quality of the work was high. He is demeanor is friendly, while still professional. I asked for him to do an estimate on a second job in the house, for which he not only beat a previous estimate by a significant margin, but suggested an innovative approach to the work, which would have saved money in
needing to replace tile in order for the job to be done.

I am obviously already contracting with him for more work and would recommend him to others.

Ryan Clark

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