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Remove a chandelier from our dining area and add a ceiling fixture

Richmond, Texas

I wanted to remove the chandelier from our dining area. We were going to change the layout of that area and just wanted a simple ceiling fixture. The chandelier is very nice and I wanted to use it somewhere. I had seen pictures in magazines of chandeliers in Master bedrooms and also in the bathroom.---Since we have high ceilings in our home, I had Gilmore Electric just switch the ceiling fixtures. So, the chandelier went to the bathroom and that light went to the dining area. Larry Gilmore was very careful and did not rush the job. I also wanted him to replace the ceiling light in the entry, but that light was on back-order. He said he would be glad to come back and offered me a discount on the installation. I will call him as soon as the light arrives.

The appointment was set for a particular day in February. A couple days before the appointment, Gilmore Electric called and said they were running behind due to some adverse weather that week. She apologized and said that they usually don't work on Saturday, but they would come out on Saturday and do the job. That was fine with me. We were expecting company that coming week and wanted the work finished before they arrived... They did a good job.. I appreciated the extra effort.

Gloria Strayhorn

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