Gilmore Services
P.O. Box 1362
Bellaire, TX 77402
Phone:      281-780-4146
Fax:      832-218-5218

You can fax or email us your set of plans for a quote or for service work. Five us a call and we can schedule time to come out!
Reviews / Testimonials

Service included: 1. Checked power distribution panel for a breaker that tripped a couple of times during the past two months. Breaker was in good condition and Larry did not recommend to change it unless the wiring is replaced to meet breaker rating.

Larry was very flexible and fast at setting up an appointment plus very professional and punctual when he arrived. He checked what needed to be checked and was very honest when it came to determine the cause of the problem and not trying to create work where work is not needed. I believe he really knows the code and does only what needs to be done meeting codes and standards.

He worked fast and explained everything he was doing and how he was going to do it. His rate is as reasonable as it can get. I am very glad with the work he did, his honesty and the results of his work. Will definitely hire him in the future for any other work and will recommend him to anyone who needs electrical work.

D. Pena

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