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Ceiling fan installed in my home office

had a ceiling fan installed in my home office. The work was quick, the fan operates well, and the price was great. This is the second time I have had Larry do working in my home and I will definitely use him again They workers were a few hours late, but they did call and let us know they would need an alternate time. Once they go there. they completed the job, had us test the fan, and that was it.

They even worked around some large equipment in my home without moving or damaging it.

Leonnya Elmore

New Panel upgrade, new a/c disconnect, new circuits in kitchen, grounded outlets, install recessed lights and fixtures, install attic fan, home surge protector, dishwasher, new outlets and more

New Panel upgrade, new a/c disconnect, new circuits in kitchen, grounded outlets, install recessed lights and fixtures, install attic fan, home surge protector, dishwasher, new outlets and more Gilmore Electric came out to give a quote and was competitive. After a few different estimates, I decided on Gilmore because of their prompt response time, experience and competitive quote. They arrived on time and professional. They upgraded the panel box and made it look very clean. Larry clearly explained what he was doing and the costs associated with it. As a family man himself, Larry took extra care to make sure the house was safe electrical wise and did not cut corners. They installed new recessed lights that look great! There are many electricians out there and it can be overwhelming to find one you trust. I have found my electrician.

I highly recommend Gilmore Electric and will definitely be calling them for future work.

Jessica Mahdi

Circuit Breaker Box Repair

Larry gave me his honest opinion on what needed to be done with regards to my breaker box. I had one breaker that would trip constantly and he said they didn't make that type of breaker any longer but he would run it to my a/c unit breaker but I couldn't run my a/c and clothes dryer at the same time. My breaker box was 28 years old. I decided to get a totally new system. He was prompt, courteous and did a terrific job. I highly recommend Larry Gilmore with any of your electrical needs.

Houston, Texas

Tom Clancy

Fix a power outage on circuit breaker

Two rooms in my tenant house were not getting any power. The breaker was tripped and the renter could not fix it herself.
Very fast response, even on a holiday weekend. He showed up on time and got the issue resolved!

Mahbub Kazi

Distribution Panel for Circuit Breaker, Light Fixture Installation, and several other projects

Service included:

1. Checked power distribution panel for a breaker that tripped acouple of times during the past two months. Breaker was in
good condition and Larry did not recommend to change it unless the wiring is replaced to meet breaker rating.
2. Checked and troubleshot one power outlet. This required one GFI to be reset only. No repairs done.
3. Replaced one outdoor light fixture.
4. Added a new outdoor light fixture and switch.

Larry was very flexible and fast at setting up an appointment plus very professional and punctual when he arrived.

He checked what needed to be checked and was very honest when it came to determine the cause of the problem and not
trying to create work where work is not needed. I believe he really knows the code and does only what needs to be done
meeting codes and standards.

He worked fast and explained everything he was doing and how he was going to do it. His rate is as reasonable as it can get.

I am very glad with the work he did, his honesty and the results of his work. Will definitely hire him in the future for any other work and will recommend him to anyone who needs electrical work.

Houston, TX

Daniel Pena

electrical box replaced with a surge protector

I purchased the Big Deal to have my electrical box replaced with a surge protector. I also had Larry and his team replace some outlets with GFI outlets and a couple of bad light switches.

Overall, it was a great experience from start to finish. Before I purchased the big deal, I phoned the company to discuss what I needed and how we could approach the extra work. He was upfront about everything, and quoted me very reasonable prices over the phone. The night before, the company confirmed my appointment for the next day, and then on the day of followed up with a call to get pictures of the box to ensure they would have the correct replacement equipment on the truck.

They showed up on time to do the work, finished in about two hours, explained everything and cleaned up. It was very easy, and I appreciate that they now are doing online invoices and have flexibility for payments (paypal, CC, check, etc.)

Houston, TX

Jessica Marish

Electrical Panel Installation

Within 30-60 min of buying the deal they called us to schedule an appointment. He said he'd be here at 1pm & was very
prompt. He was very courteous & very professional. We’d had other electricians tell us we need a new electrical panel so we bought the deal. He came out & told us, very frankly, that he'd love to do the job but that we didn't need the work - That out panel was perfectly fine! I appreciate his honest which is pretty phenomenal. We’ll definitely use him for electrical services in the future.

Houston, TX

Rebecca Cohen

replace my breaker box and install a whole-house circuit breaker

I had Gilmore Electric replace my breaker box and install a whole-house circuit breaker. Larry did an excellent job of communicating with me in the time leading up to the job. On the day of, he worked quickly (important when your electricity is out - don't want the food in the fridge to spoil!) and I felt the quality of the work was high. He is demeanor is friendly, while still professional. I asked for him to do an estimate on a second job in the house, for which he not only beat a previous estimate by a significant margin, but suggested an innovative approach to the work, which would have saved money in
needing to replace tile in order for the job to be done.

I am obviously already contracting with him for more work and would recommend him to others.

Ryan Clark

inspection of my electrical service including outlets, panel box (mentioned it needed to be replaced), etc.

I called Gilmore Electric to arrange an appointment to do an inspection of my electrical service including outlets, panel box (mentioned it needed to be replaced), etc. Late last year I had a "free" electrical panel inspection done by a large multi-service company in Houston that advertises "it's all about the house". Well, it was really all about how much money we can get out of you. It was recommended that I change out the entire panel box for $ 1,700.00 because it had an aluminum bus bar which was corroded and the ground wire was too thin and needed to be changed out for another $ 500.00. I called my friend in Austin who is a licensed electrician who told me GE never ever made a panel box with an aluminum bus bar (it is copper with an aluminum coating) and $ 500 to run a 4' piece of wire was insane. Now back to my Gilmore Electric experience. When I initially called and spoke to Larry Gilmore he said he was very busy but he could set an appointment with me for about a week in the future. This was fine with me and we set a date of 12/20/12. Larry arrived (with a helper) about ten minutes earlier than expected and immediately impressed me with his knowledge and professionalism. He first looked at my panel box, confirmed it was a copper coated bus bar, pulled and inspected the breakers and showed me that the contractors had hardly any wear. He said he could replace the panel box if I wanted but what was the point in spending a sum of money for something that was functioning properly and didn't need to be replaced. We then inspected some outlets, talked about adding GFI outlets, inspected my ceiling fan which does need to be replaced and inspected my motion light outside which also needs to be replaced. Larry agreed to come back and take care of all of my items in January. I asked what the charge for today was and he said "No Charge". He came all the way to my house from Bellaire and didn't charge me. This is amazing. You can be sure I will have him back after the first of the year to do all we talked about and I will add to my list of electrical projects to make sure his next trip is economically feasible. Larry is a professional of the highest standard.

He is my electrician for life.

Adrian Anderson

Larry Gilmore removed an old electrical panel (with all the breakers)

Larry Gilmore removed an old electrical panel (with all the breakers). He installed a brand new electrical panel box.
Originally, the electrical panel set-up was not appropriately situated. He improved and consolidated the entire set-up. He also removed old dysfunctional outdoor lighting and installed new lights.

Larry called on the day of the service appointment to indicate he was on his way. He arrived as anticipated. He viewed my box to check out the make and model, purchased an appropriate replacement, and installed the new box and wires in about two hours. He is personable and smiles. That is great. Within a few minutes, he installed the outdoor lights so quickly -- within 5 minutes. I enjoyed doing business with Larry. He is competent, skilled, and courteous.

I recommend his services.

Karen Calabro

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