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Angie's List Project

Ordered coupon on Angie’s and set up the job a few days later.

He arrived on-time and performed the work within his estimated time. Also was considerate of my elderly mother while he and his crew were on site.

Definitely would recommend and use again.

Philip Battaglia

New 100 Amperage Electrical Service Box

I ordered a new 100 amp electrical service box on an Angie's Big Deal special for the listed $650.00. When I contacted the electrician he asked me to send him pictures of the existing service box. He was to call me later that day to schedule the installation after he was back in his office and could review the pictures. He did not call so I contacted him the next morning to see if he had received my pictures and had a chance to review them . He had, but did not explain why he had not called me as promised. The pictures showed that my existing service was 150 amp so I would need a bigger box. He said he could put in a 150 amp box for an additional $50. I agreed to this and was informed that I could just give him a check for the difference at the time of the installation. The appointment was set for Saturday Dec. 15 at 9 am. He called about 8:40 on Saturday morning to cancel the appointment since it was sprinkling and my box is on the outside of my garage . He said he would call me later in the day when he was back in his office to reschedule. I did not hear from him that day so l called him the first thing the following Monday morning. He wanted to reschedule the appointment for "sometime after Christmas." I objected and reminded him that I had already been waiting more than a week to have this work done. He then agreed to do the work that same afternoon. He said he would be at my home about noon and the installation would take about 3 hours. He arrived on time, looked at my box and said he would go get the new box and be back shortly. He returned in about an hour with a new 200 amp box. He said they no longer make 150 amp boxes so we would have to go with the larger 200 amp box.

The 200 amp box was listed on the Angie's Big Deal at the cost of $850. I agreed to the upgrade and he completed the work very quickly. He showed me how to check to make sure the surge protector was working and provided the warranty for it. He showed me the new box to be sure I was satisfied with the installation. He cleaned up the site, taking the old equipment and materials with him for disposal. I gave him a check for the additional $200.00 and he was gone by 2:30 pm.

I was very satisfied with the work.


Two electrical jobs

They came and completed the job in a very efficient manner. I had two jobs for them, the $650 and another related job. I felt that they did a good job. I would ask them to do work for me again.

The only caution I have - be sure they look at the job BEFORE they give you an estimate. On the other related job, he had estimated $75 additional in materials and it was quite a bit more than that. But, he had NOT seen the job so I give room because of that. Thanks again for getting it done and getting it done well.

Houston, Tx

Mary Miner

Installed a dozen electrical outlets, 3 switches, 5 data outlets

Installed a dozen electrical outlets, 3 switches, 5 data outlets and more! Great price and solid work.

Houston, Texas

Robert Eveleth

Installed outside light fixture inside light fixture

Installed outside light fixture inside light fixture, and bathroom exhaust fan perfectly! They performed their work great!


Mary Mitchell

Hook up electrical wires to tanning bed

Hooked up electrical wires to tanning bed. Completed everything in a good time frame, did a great job.

Tropical Tan Tanning

Upgrade amperage from 100 to 200 amps in a home.

Larry did an upgrade from 100 to 200 amps in my house and put a grounding rod in. i have an old 60's house so this was
quite necessary. they did a fast and through job giving us all that was promised. they were fast and helpful, answering all of the questions I had (and i had a lot of them). looking forward to having them to some more work in our house.

It went great. they booked a date and had to reschedule twice due to rain, which was of no fault of their own and I really don't want someone working on electrical things while its raining! they showed up the day off, contacted the city, got permits, whole nine yards. work was done in around 3 and a half hours.

Houston, TX

Alma Gordillo

Swap out electrical panel in a house.


I bought a big deal to swap out the electric panel in my home. He said that I didn't need that yet.
He went beyond his call of duty and looked at other things. He was very nice and knowledgeable. And he saved me $728.00.

Janey Campbell

Remove a chandelier from our dining area and add a ceiling fixture

Richmond, Texas

I wanted to remove the chandelier from our dining area. We were going to change the layout of that area and just wanted a simple ceiling fixture. The chandelier is very nice and I wanted to use it somewhere. I had seen pictures in magazines of chandeliers in Master bedrooms and also in the bathroom.---Since we have high ceilings in our home, I had Gilmore Electric just switch the ceiling fixtures. So, the chandelier went to the bathroom and that light went to the dining area. Larry Gilmore was very careful and did not rush the job. I also wanted him to replace the ceiling light in the entry, but that light was on back-order. He said he would be glad to come back and offered me a discount on the installation. I will call him as soon as the light arrives.

The appointment was set for a particular day in February. A couple days before the appointment, Gilmore Electric called and said they were running behind due to some adverse weather that week. She apologized and said that they usually don't work on Saturday, but they would come out on Saturday and do the job. That was fine with me. We were expecting company that coming week and wanted the work finished before they arrived... They did a good job.. I appreciated the extra effort.

Gloria Strayhorn

New Electrical Panel (Circuit Breaker) Installation

I had a new electrical panel (circuit breaker) installed. I was very pleased with the job; Larry was even kind enough to show me how much a previous electrician had overcharged me.

I was very pleased with the work done; if electrical service is needed again, I would not hesitate to call them again.

The quality of their work is acceptable, and, being a Senior Citizen, I felt that their pricing was fair to me--unlike a previously used

Judy Stromsted

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